Viktor Furiani & Samvida Nanda

A Clockwork Blues



“A Clockwork Blues” is an experimental storytelling project which cultivates light to bring life to a paper theatre book.

As we enter, the room is dark. The book opens by itself, revealing the first tableau of pop-ups gears, made from layered paper cut-outs. Then, the light runs on the paper, textures the shapes, fixes the décor. Tiny characters enter the scene, explore the gears. Now bright enough, the glowing sculpture blinks along the music, runs on the walls into organic spirals, bounces across space to caress the shadows of the audience…

This is the time to gather, to explore through the evening and the night, how to light a story… a Story of Light. In this workshop, we offer a participative experience across the fields of science, art, design and technology; with the purpose to create, share, and hybridise stories made of and about Light. The art process is illustrated with demonstrations and performances. It is open to all (ages 12+). Three activities run together during the workshop:
– Preparation of a 3D sculpture with Paper Art (Exploring Origami and Kirigami – working towards the Pop-Up Book).
– Projection Mapping on the 3D sculptures and VJing (how to create, apply and control a light design in real-time on a volume).
– Video Feedback (how to create an interactive light installation with video, and to perform with the light entity generated).
The result is a multi-modal art installation; which is intuitive, accessible, and reactive to its participants and environment.The Clockwork Blues Project regroups these different components and introduces the workshop as an open narrative system.


Samvida has dabbled in many mediums…oils, acrylics, water-colours…but her favourite kind of painting, is with light. She graduated from Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology (Bangalore, India) in 2011. There, after a 2-year foundation study in design, she specialised in Digital Video Production. In 2013, she completed a Short Summer Filmmaking Workshop at FAMU (Prague, Czech Republic).

She is currently working in Bombay, with Dev Benegal on his next feature film. Amongst other things, she loves cinematography, travelling, impressionist art, making origami birds, writing screenplays, and writing about herself in the third person.


Viktor is a Light Designer, Video Performer and Scenographer grown in Lyon, the very heart of cinematography and light design. Alongside studies in history, anthropology and sociology, he spends countless hours in photographic labs.

After several exhibitions, Viktor starts to animate the pictures. In the years following the new millennium, they become video. Most of the time projected. Most of the time interpreted in live, on a music performance, for a dance, for a tree, for a castle, for a cloud or a string of rain. Pictures and footage cover the subjects, become tinier and tinier, closer and closer to an organic skin made of light.

This medium, crossover of art installation and video performance, sometimes referred to as VJing or Visual-Jocking, allows Viktor to travel (a lot, and in adventurous conditions). In Europe, and in India, a backpack stuffed with several projectors and cameras becomes the daily load, and the pretext, to savour encounters, and cultural exchanges of visions and practices.

Lost (and found) at a camp in the middle of the Thar desert… Lost (and found) in the National Bank of Belgium… Lost (and found) in an underground bunker in East-Berlin… Lost (and found) at a fashion show in a luxury hotel in Mumbai… Lost (and found) at the stage of Norway’s National Opera, then Lost (and found) in a field, far between rocks and sky.

In parallel with his artistic practises, Viktor organises workshops, art residencies, VJ-camps, courses (video performances and installation, scenography, light design, art process).


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