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Light and Time



Sun – our only natural source of light has been the basis of designing the modern system of time. The concept of time helps us as human being to quantify our existence on this planet. That is the only system that is followed in unison by every single human being on this planet. Weather you are a part of the world run by machines or a tribe living in the remote jungles of Africa, the system of time is based on the earths movement around the sun, light and shadow, day and night. This system of time was designed by the Egyptians, babylonians, Mayans and sumerians after studying the sun and the movement of the celestial bodies.

It is light that gives us the perception of time passing at the same rate for us all even though our experience may differ.

Wait a Minute is an immersive experience that allows the audience to experience the passing of time by isolating each of their sense and compare it to the accuracy of sight.


Born and raised in the busy city of Bombay, Ritika has just moved back after completing her MA at the Royal College of Arts. She is now working as a concept designer for GM modular. She studied BA at the symbiosis institute of Design in Pune, India (2009). She then worked for 2 years in the field of street furniture design and packaging.

As a designer Ritika likes to delve into interactions between people and products in different cultural contexts. Ritika plays with objects, materials and concepts to construe how experiences and interactions could be enhanced. The focus of her projects has been about changing perceptions using unconventional materials and context.

Contact: contact@ritika.me


Time Telling through the ages

Why is a minute divided into 60 seconds, an hour into 60 minutes, yet there are only 24 hours in a day?

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