Christine Fowle

Illuminating the Mind



Who are you?

For millennia philosophers, scientists and yogis have been kicking around the questions of self — not only who we are but why we are. However brilliant the work of the great masters may appear, we each are traversing a very personal journey, as were they.

Guided by predispositions, personality and ideology, the mind is the non-physical filter though which we analyze and judge the world. But how is this filter constructed, what makes us tick, and what if we want change?

Moving through the progressive examination of these topics and into the meditative recesses of the mind, these sessions were designed, not to bring clarity to the questions, but to illuminate our perception of the answers — your answers.

Day 1: Illuminate the Mind — Who are you?
Day 2: Illuminate the Mind — Why are you?
Day 3: Illuminate the Mind — Where are you?


Although Christine has been probing the riddles of origination and purpose for decades, ultimately it was Buddhism and Yoga that flung open the doors to the solution — the mind.

Shifting away from corporate structure in 2011, exploration of the methods leading to inner peace has been a constant source of motivation. Centering mindfulness, meditation, Yoga and Eastern philosophy, developing clarity through the art of self-study has provided the basis for her writing, which may be found at Searching For OM.


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