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New Light


New Light began with the idea of allowing a person to sense colours through different sensory perceptions. For example what would the colour Red sound like if it were a tune? Or the colour Blue if it were a conversation. It deals with putting users within various soundscapes that resonate with different colours in the visible spectrum. Once inside, the user can toggle between modes and colours, to listen the the whole spectrum of light ranging from red to blue.


Manimal Collective is Abrar Burk and Nikhil Nair. They enhance the process of story telling through platforms of digital, print and interactive media.




Different Colours have different frequencies. Manimal’s research led them to stumble upon a very interesting relation between the science of colour wavelengths & the human perception of the same. In the visible colour spectrum, Red has the lowest frequency & violet has the highest. Which means, once mapped, red would sound like a really low drone like buzz, whereas the blues & violets would be really high pitched sounds. However when it comes to human perception, red can have a physically stimulating effect on a person, whereas blues are often tranquillising in nature.

Photo Credit : Mitwa A.V.Tinka Kalajzic

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