Abhiyan Humane

Light as a Curator



Light as a Curator was a workshop series that culminated into an installation rendering the beautiful and aesthetic imagination of our visual culture. The workshop was hands-on and participative, integrating science, printmaking, curating, visualizing and installing.

The process explores cyanotype which is a photographic printing process that gives a cyan-blue print. The simple and low-cost process uses sunlight as a curator and natural salts to produce beautiful and elaborate prints of objects and images. The workshop explored screen printing without using an image.

The event offered participants an amazing opportunity to play with scientific concepts, develop large visually striking installations in the city and exhibit and demonstrate how light affects human life on this planet in so many interesting ways. The workshop was experimental and exploratory using found images, objects etc.


Abhiyan Humane is a faculty and an artist at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore. He is part of the Center for Experimental Media Arts and teaches ‘Play and Invent’. He is interested in exploring scientific and cognitive paradigms with art and technology through simulations, models, and installations utilising various modalities, matter and media.

Contact: abhiyan@srishti.ac.in


Experimenting with prints and natural curating processes, we will learn about cyanotype, a printing technique where light acts as a curator to develop the image or object. In historical and scientific terms, this application of light was a precursor to camera obscura. It offered visual perception a completely different paradigm to document, archive, copy, project the world around us.

Photo Credit : Tinka Kalajzic & Mitwa A.V.

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