Dilnaaz Mehta & Shrinivas Ananthanarayanan

Light and String


‘Light and String’ showcases the role of light in building intricate networks in our cosmos:
– The intricate network created by firing neurons and synapses in the human brain
– The intricate network of the internet
– The network of dark matter and matter in the cosmos.

We all are connected to everything else, in ways that we could not have imagined. Using this installation the artists showcase these connections. The installation encourages visitors to add additional strings when navigating the existing space. Each string then signifies one’s own timeline and by drawing their own string across the space however they chose, visitors leave a mark in this space, just as they do in the Universe.


Dilnaaz believes in experiencing the numerous hues of life and it’s kaleidoscopic patterns, with imagination and creativity. She seeks to infuse her sense of aesthetic, emotion and vibrancy in her imagery and art. She looks at the world as an infinite source of inspiration. Her art seeks to reveal the synergy between man, nature and the universe.

Experimentation and collaboration are what Shrini believes in. The point of intersection of various media, as with people, is his cauldron of inspiration. He is a Designer, Thinker and traveller with a bias towards the mountains and wilderness.

Contact: lightandstring@gmail.com


The Human Brain: Each time information is assimilated and processed and passed on through the firing neurons and synapses, energy is created and realised. When we study the brain using our instruments the the neurons look like pulses of light. According to a recent study, the human brain can be visualised as a complex interacting network that relies on nodes to efficiently convey information from place to place. Not unlike how the internet currently works.

The Internet: With the advancement of technology, a huge amount of information is traveling from one place to another largely through fibre optic cables that use light as a means of transmitting data. The Internet, and the intricate network it creates throughout the world, is one of the most advanced technological systems in the world.While it might currently sound farfetched, there are some who believe the internet is poised to become the Global Brain. See the Global Brain Initiative.

Dark Matter: The findings of Richard Massey and Nick Scoville have allowed us to create a 3D map of the large scale distribution of a section of the observable space. The map provides the best evidence yet that normal matter, largely in the form of galaxies, accumulates along the densest concentrations of dark matter. The map reveals a loose network of filaments that grew over time and intersect in massive structures at the locations of clusters of galaxies.

UC San Diego News Center describes how Dmitri Krioukov et al. have discovered that the cosmos and the galaxies within it grow much like the network of neurons in the brain or complex networks like the internet.  This may not be visually evident as most of the “scaffolding” on which matter clusters around is made of “Dark Matter”

Photo Credit : Mitwa A.V.Tinka Kalajzic

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