Ivan Lucas

360 Hands


The Story of Light can be seen from many different points of view, Science, Art, Philosophy. During 1 month of Artist Residency before the festival, Ivan Lucas has been capturing the light from the different projects, artists and scientist. Looking for the poetry behind each of the perspectives. And reflecting it through his colors.

This visual document is formed by hundreds of small hexagonal pieces composing a documentary hive of the Light. This piece will be the path for a live performance going through the poetry and the colors of the Story of the Light.


Ivan Lucas an engineer by profession and an artist deep inside his heart. Traveling through the lines of Asia far from Spain for 3 years now, working and exploring to combine traditional art, modern technology and presenting it through his unique visual language.

Contact: ivanlucas@gmail.com

Photo Credit : Mitwa A.V.Tinka Kalajzic

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