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Elemental is a unique exploration of science, mind and the infinite universe showcased under the spectacular dome theatre of the planetarium. Poets, musicians, sound and video artists – and world-renowned science writer John Gribbin – have collaborated to present the world of the most literary, dazzling and passionate stars.

For centuries, poets have looked to the skies and attempted to scribble meaning into the galaxies. The novelist Peter de Vries once wrote, ‘The universe is like a safe to which there is a combination, but the combination is locked up in the safe.’ What if we had a key, even if only for a moment? What if we could measure, in words, what we have only imagined? Einstein took the view, ‘the most incomprehensible thing about the universe is that it is comprehensible.’ What if he is right?

The artists involved in this show explore four different theories of the beginnings of the universe: The Big Bang, The Theory of Everything, Dark Matter and M Theory. Are these the lost poetic lectures of the beginning of time? The show has many exciting components: Legendary UK experimental musicians Nurse with Wound’s work is based on the theory that the resonant frequency of the Big Bang was F#. Sean M Whelan, Emilie Zoey Baker, Alicia Sometimes and UK based Ryan Van Winkle are writing for the stars. Guest animations by Drew Berry, Ai Yamamoto, Alex Scott and Chris Nelms. Nat Bates adds extra sound. Andrew Watson performs live music in the dome. Science, poetry and music all under the one roof.


Artistic Director and co-writer of Elemental, Alicia Sometimes, is an Australian writer, poet, broadcaster and musician. She was editor of the national literary journal Going Down Swinging for seven years. She was the host of 3RRR’s writing and spoken word show Aural Text for fourteen years and is a still a regular guest on ABC 774, 3RRR and Radio National. Alicia has appeared on ABC TV’s Sunday Arts, ABC News Breakfast and has been in Best Australian Poems twice. She has performed her spoken word at many venues, festivals and events around the world, with an extensive tour of Canada featuring at the Festival Voix d’Amériques in Montreal, the Auckland Readers and Writers Festival, the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival and performances in the UK and Germany. Alicia has two poetry collections, kissing the curve and Soundtrack. She is a science nut.

Contact: asometimes@optusnet.com.au

Andrew Watson is a Melbourne-based violinist, guitarist, composer, producer, photographer and video artist.

Philemon is the solo project of Leah Avene, an artist born in the small pacific nation of Tuvalu and raised on the south coast of Australia. Philemon has become a unique blend of Celtic and Polynesian heritage. Philemon is a singer/ songwriter/ multi instrumentalist from Melbourne who weaves electric guitar with haunting vocals in her own brand of dark folk. After a one year artist residency in 2013 Philemon, who writes on piano, cello and guitar, has found her niche with a Gibson Les Paul and a Strymon pedal.


Photo Credit: Mitwa A.V.

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