Tsuneo Sekiguchi

Panjim Rainbow Hut



Rainbow-hut is a space where people can admire the magic of rainbow-light and relax, sit down, recovering from the confusion of the surrounding space. Rainbow Hut uses music, artistic tools and the energy of the colours generated inside the Rainbow-hut to carry out a research on how body and mind are affected by light and colours.

The Rainbow-hut wants to give birth to an empty space, a space of encounter. Through the excuse of the colored light coming into the hut, the rainbow-hut defines a space which didn’t exist before and which is not codified by social-economical standard rules or by any predefined purpose. Different relationships and activities related to music and art take place in the hut but none of them is foreseen. They take place freely and spontaneously in this space of encounter.


Tsuneo Sekiguchi has been creating rainbow-huts with different size, shape and materials for more than 20 years and has been invited to expose his installations in some of the most important Japanese art events.

Contact: tsuneosekiguchi@hotmail.com



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