Sachin Pillai & Nikunj Patel



Using a simple feedback loop with projection and cameras, this audiovisual installation allows you to look within yourself, infinitely. Metaphysically speaking, the concept of this installation is to depict through the use of light, the relationship between cause and effect as a universal law. Everything generated by the installation follows the law of fractal or ‘sacred’ geometry in varying permutations. The aim of this collaboration is to allow for the viewer to experience a connection between those two laws through a tangible, visible and repercussive view of their actions. Thematically, the installation aims to focus on interactive or participatory stimulus which is created by the viewers in conjunction with the setup to demonstrate infinite repercussions in the form of the resultant fractal imagery. In addition, a sonic layer of input interpreted in visual signals, acts as the primary enzyme in creating these complex geometric patterns.

With this tangible and playful demonstration of the cause-effect relationship, Infinity aims to draw individuals to focus on their potential as creators of their own existences, and challenges them to adopt a view of themselves as limitless, infinite, light-beings – on the leading edge of creation and thus continuously contributing to the constant expansion of the universe.


Sachin Pillai’s films are best described as fragile in terms of shot taking as he likes to look for moments that punctuate states of the mind in cinematic form, frequently interspersing graphics with live action, always derived from reality. He has been visually exploring forms other than cinema which are either self generative or reflections of micro and macrocosms as the underlying themes for his current work. He is a creator to watch out for, but what’s truly unique about his work is the way it presents a bustling urban Indian cultural space. Pillai’s interpretations are devoid of clichés and stray away from the overwrought, exoticised ‘Indian’ imagery that we’re so used to seeing. What he presents, and represents, is a real, contemporary modern condition, normally ignored by mainstream Indian media. To put it simply, his work is a symptom of an evolving, exciting future in contemporary Indian culture.


Nikunj Patel is a graphic and motion designer, who studied Animation at the National Institute of Design (NID). Nikunj has been creating art for the indie music space in India for the last year and a half. As someone who dabbles in music production himself, his aesthetic and aural sensibilities link closely together allowing for seamless representations that are tastefully, contextually and artistically put together.


Photo Credit: Mitwa A.V.Tinka Kalajzic

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