Rafaella Las & Dan Scotti

Cosmic Fingerprint



Since the first radio broadcast in the 1890s, human broadcast signals have been escaping the Earth, traveling at the speed of light out into interstellar space. All broadcasting equipment is based on the use of different types of light, producing different frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum. These light waves exist throughout the known universe but here on Earth, we utilize them in the transmission of data most commonly in the form of Radio and Television.

Each person experiences the installation by climbing atop a pyramid and viewing a short film entombed within the structure. The film is a collection of footage that the artists have curated based on the progression of broadcast technology and our worldwide and personal utilization of these tools. The significance of the pyramid is drawn from the fact that the signals we transmit will outlive all of us; the creators of the content, and may possibly be the last remaining artifact of our existence.

Cosmic Fingerprint is a visual representation of light signals, and to help the viewer rethink and answer the question: What would we think if our only glimpse into human life on Earth is based on the content of Radio and Television broadcasts?


Rafaella Las is a filmmaker who has a passion for design– from film sets to public spaces, installation art, Earthships, graphic art and even characters for an animated show. She is fascinated with utilizing the language of cinema in the creation of things that do not exist in the world, and to show the viewer different ways to see, ways to think and ways to experience the spaces we inhabit.

Contact: el.rafaella@gmail.com

Dan Scotti is a film & video producer, with experience in all key stages of production. He specialises in cinematography and editing, and a solid foundation in all aspects of the filmmaking process. With an emphasis on professional level practice and implementation of advanced film theory, he tells stories with a unique and dynamic viewing experience.

Contact: scotti.danielj@gmail.com


Photo Credit : Mitwa A.V.Tinka Kalajzic

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