Miti Desai

Within and Without



A Classical Indian Dance Performance: Movement Ignites!

The light deep inside the human body is explored through the medium of classical Indian dance, resulting in a journey through movement; expanding, exploring and experiencing that, which is Within & Without.

The dance expression is through the medium of Mohini Attam (Classical Dance form from Kerala – Southern India).


Miti Desai is a designer & dancer. Communication through the external medium of design led Miti to an internal expression of body design, rediscovering Classical Indian Dance. Indian Dance has been the key to her return to her cultural roots, symbols and world-view resulting in an innate understanding of culture and aesthetics and its influence and inspiration in DESIGN & in the becoming of a DESIGNER.

Miti is the founder and creative Head of Miti Design Lab, an interdisciplinary design space. Miti Design lab exists as an Intellectual and Physical Space engaging in different Dimensions. Communication Design, Education Design, Movement Design, Business Design, Social Design, and then the formless – Thought Design – are the dimensions in which MDL dwells in. These are parts of a whole manifesting in different forms, all dependent, interdependent and independent at once. For Miti, through all of the above, the constant strive is to engage in bringing the sense of design into ones own body and life on the one hand, and towards extending it to the environment and society on the other.



Classical Indian dance at once engages in philosophy, spirituality and aesthetics. It by itself is devised and designed in a way that it facilitates an inward journey and the practice of it gives immense energy, penetrating into the inner light.

Photo Credit : Tinka Kalajzic

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