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Story of Light: A Spectacle



‘Story of Light: A Spectacle’ creates a sublime experience at the interface of art, science and the story of light in the context of human civilization. The public installation is a live kaleidoscope that people walk into to experience the story of light from the perspective of the human civilization. The story was told from the anthropological perspective of the story of humans, their celebrations, rituals and practices, habits and habitats, folklore etc.

The exhibit both engaged and enthralled the audience and created an understanding of how the spectacle of human civilization has moved in space-time constructs. The public installation was put in place using black lights and glow in the dark pigments. As the audience walks through the spectacle of the kaleidoscope, they form a connection between science, social issues, culture and life.


Madhulika is the founder and president of Adhya Educational Society, a non-profit engaged in developing innovative pedagogy. She has a PhD in Molecular and Environmental Plant Science followed by a Master’s with triple emphasis in Curriculum and Instruction, Social and Leadership development from Texas A &M University, College Station, Texas. Her innovation in English learning using local language, culture and way of life has been listed among top 10 innovations in Asia and Africa in Secondary Education (Results for Development Institute, Washington D.C., supported by Rockefeller Foundation). Madhu has been a TEDx IIM Ranchi speaker on “Teaching with a difference” and TEDx IIT BHU speaker on “Arts based learning”. Madhu has designed and implemented Science education programs for 25,000 children in Hyderabad integrating arts based learning with Science and Mathematics. The focus of her innovation is on the importance of education for human development with perspectives on transforming self, ideas and surroundings, and creating interdependence through an understanding of the connected world using Arts based learning.


At The Story of Light Festival, Madhulika also conducted a workshop on “Using Art in Science Education” for about 30 local teachers.


Across cultures, right from the dawn of human sentience, we have been fascinated and awed by light. It has fuelled our evolutionary process and plays a huge role in our visual perception. Watch Light Fantastic, a four part series by the BBC that sheds some light on the matter.

Photo Credit : Roheet HedeTinka Kalajzic

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