Flora Barros & Samira Marana



“Reality never exists. It is always a point of view, a conditioned look”
(Paulo César Lopes, in Window of Soul”)

Stimuli invites the audience to enter a dark chamber and experience a dance performance in an unconventional and surprising way. Considering that our experience is limited by our senses and constructed internally as a representation of the world, Stimuli is a research about the connection of the individuals with the environment that surrounds them. Using senses other than vision, the two dancers deepen their spatial and sensorial capacity to enter a new dimension of movement and awareness of their counterpart.


Flora Barros and Samira Marana are contemporary dancers from São Paulo, Brazil.

Flora is a graduate in dance theatre from Trinity Laban, in London. Fascinated by different approaches to dance, Flora is interested in the fusion of different cultures and artistic expressions as well as the linkages between dance and social projects. Focused in choreography, she has had the opportunity to perform her own works in U.K., Denmark, Italy and Brasil.

Contact: flora.c.barros@gmail.com

Samira is a graduate in contemporary dance from the University of Campinas, Brazil and the Bertazzo’s movement re-education method. She researchs the South African dance Gumboot and is a member of the Gumboot Dance Brasil, from São Paulo. She is also a student of Indian classical dance Kathak and Barathnatyan.

Contact: samira.marana@gmail.com


Photo Credit : Mitwa A.V.Tinka Kalajzic

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