Light and Life

Light in Technology

Seeing and Perceiving

Our Universe


“Cut the cord already, I want wireless power!” said Tesla

It’s been more than 100 years since Tesla laid the groundwork for the wireless power project. Have we made any progress? Why don’t we have wireless power already?


From Egypt to Peru, all hail the Sun!

Our ancestors thought the sun was the all-knowing-supreme-guy-in-the-sky. Perhaps within their rituals and imaginative stories, there’s a lesson for us somewhere.


Watch out, we’ll be invisible in our lifetime

Ever dreamt of being invisible? It’s possible! And with 3D printing technology making waves we’ll be able to make invisibility cloaks at home in the not too distant future!


I spy with my animal eye

Do all beings share the same view? What makes us see different from animals? And who sees the best?

Ramchandani J / SOL

What’s this “spooky action at a distance”, said Einstein

In physics, what does it mean to be entangled? Do linked particles share a single fate even if they are miles apart? Are humans entangled with the universe at a quantum level?


Let’s do the optical twist

Can your perception of an image differ simply because you’ve been conditioned differently. With the advancement of technology how far can we take optical illusions?


Surya, why do we salute you?

Why is surya namaskar (sun salutation) central to the practice of yoga? Why is the sun favoured over the moon? And why is this asana gaining popularity worldwide?


“Clear light”, the mysterious common link

The Bardo Thodol outlining the death experience was composed in the 8th century. Scientifically documented near-death experiences of late, say the same thing!


S P A C E: The truth about hydrogen

Did you know the view of an atom we learn in school is wrong? Atoms are essentially 99% empty space. Does it mean that we are 99% empty space too?