Andrej Boleslavsky & Maria Judova



The ArchiBio project discovers phenomena that surround us everywhere, yet they remain invisible. The growth of bacteria, fungi and plants, life of an ant colony – the beauty of these phenomena escapes our attention, because they exist on a different scale or in a different time beyond our perception. ArchiBio videomapping unfolds the beauty of microscopic worlds enlarged to a giant size in the public space. It poses a question whether the relationship between nature and technology really is antagonistic, or whether the man-made technologies represent just another branch on the evolutionary tree. It is fascinating that all life forms around us share the same operating system with us, humans, DNA. What will happen once our technologies learn how to cooperate with it? Will genetic modification bring destruction or progress?

The public can directly interact with this installation by changing the object being projected. In all instances the project was exhibited, the artists personally info-trained the installation by actively discussing with the visiting public and explaining how to interact with the installation.


Andrej Boleslavský and Maria Judova are new media artists from the Czech Republic. They focus on the use of technology to create new media art and interactive design spaces.

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The humble microscope, whose inventor has never been identified, gave us a window to the microcosm that surrounds us everyday. Without the device, we would never have learned of unicellular life, or researched and diagnosed diseases.

There are, basically, two kinds of microscopes: the simple microscope- your everyday magnifying glass, popularised by caricatures of detectives in the nineteenth century, and has become so common a household item, we don’t tend to think of it as a microscope- and the compound microscopes, the type you see in biology labs. The latter works extensively using light and lenses to focus it, in addition to a mirror to control the intensity of the beam.

The most recent addition to the totally cool family of microscopes is the electron microscope, which uses electrons instead of light, high definition image of the object being observed. Can you see an atom through a microscope?

Video Credit : Priyal Gagan, Photo Credit : Tinka Kalajzic, Mitwa A.V., Roheet Hede, Abhishek Pai


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